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There are a lot of bmx tricks, the same that have names of its own and is the way that followers and fans of this sport, known them all. In the whole wolrd, Dave Mirra is known as the biggest exponent in acrobatics and bmx tricks.

In spite of starting in the skateboard world, this U.S.A. native, became famous with the bmx, because he made 18 medals in the X-Games (the most popular championship in extreme sports). Is because this reason he is considered the best sportman in the history of bmx bikes.

Bunny hop: the most well known jump of BMX, it consists in lift the front wheel and then the back one.

Nollie: the back wheel is lifted in first instance, tucking in the arms, and then the same are stretched for lifting the body, and tucking them again for the bike gets high.

Fakie: it consists in going against the natural way, backwards, for this is necessary to pedal backwards.

Rollback: Is used for spinning 180 degrees in the air. 360: the idea is to perfor a spin upon yourseld, but is not compared with the 180 one, because it has a different performance itself.

Manual: this trick consists in moving in a balanced wayin the back wheel but without using the pedals, is only taken with the body weight. No manual: is all the opposite to manual, the idea is to move forwards to the front wheel.

Tailwhip: this acrobacy consists in spin the bike to 360 degrees, having steering wheel set.

Barspin: ou have to spin 360 degrees.

X-Up: Of similar carachteristics to barspin, but the manillar only spins 180 degrees.

Footjam: The idea is to support the front feet on the front wheel, and in this way induce the bike to do some acrobacy.

Tabletop: the idea is to try the bike folds to one side.

No hand/foot: No hand is to leave the hands of the manillar grabbing it with the kneels, the No foot is to lose the feet of pedals and to perform the trick you think convenient.

One hand – foot: the idea is to lose one hand or foot, and from there perform any tricl.

Backflip: it consists in spin backwards, is considerated one of the bmx tricks more difficult to realize.

Turdown: The idea is to stretch the legs the more we can and in this way cross the handle backwards.


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  1. Name on 1:46 please!?

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  2. alot of these tricks are just over kill. the trick at 2:06 ppl reacted as
    if it wasnt that cool. like just another rider doing a trick. not that
    immpressive. im like, da fuck.

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  4. a triple backflip nice

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  5. @1:46 That´s just awesome. AWESOME I TELL YOU!

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  6. matt’s nohand 900! better than any other trick!

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  7. what’s it’s the name of the song?

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  8. 27 seconds in, a triple backflip, why is this guy not famous????????????????

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  9. 1:41 decade as sick. basic but difficult as fuck

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  10. Brilliant video thanks!!!!!

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  11. WTF……………………………. thats sick

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  12. @antisinas song is: KIKE RODRIGUEZ & ELECTROBEAT – OPERA

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  13. It was something like a tail wihp, no hands…watch his hands are behind
    his back on start and end 😀

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  14. that video is sick

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  15. Bruce Lee Use To Ride His Bike To Work and Did All This On The Way

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  16. Look at my video for the most mindblowing trick i have ever witnessed

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