Street League at X Games Brazil 2013

Practice was heated on the Street League course just before the Finals. Check out why Nyjah Huston won, Malto got 2nd, and T-Puds got 3rd, along with ripping…

— Finals Practice with Pudwill, Nyjah, and More!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. Believe it or not, +DC Shoes Nyjah Huston won another contest! The +Street
    League Skateboarding top 3 were Nyjah, +Nike’s Sean Malto, and +Grizzly
    Griptape’s Torey Pudwill. Here’s all the +X Games ripping, along with Shane
    O’Neill and Luan Oliveira.?

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  2. everybody skates with style, you just don’t like his.

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  3. freeze frame at 1:11. holy shit the catch on the switch fs flip.

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  4. Sick ss frontside flip

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  5. 1st of, I don’t want to see skateboarding as ‘sport’. And secodly, why not
    skate for free? Don’t take skateboarding for granted.

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  6. how do you know? When he wins that 75k at Street League he should just give
    it back and say ” I did it for fun” GTFO.

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  7. My name is Milton Rosas. I live in Dallas, Texas. My friends and I have a
    YouTube channel dedicated to our crew skateboarding in Dallas. Were not
    best but not the worst. We have random videos from skateboarding, to videos
    about the crew. We upload at least 9 to 15 times a Month. It would help us
    out alot if you would come check us out and show us support because we love
    getting in front of the camera and doing rad ass shit. So please check us
    out and comment for pointers on our channel. Thanks.

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  8. O’Neill & Oliveira are fucking animals on the course.

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  9. Rodney had both intentions. If he didn’t he wouldn’t have been in so many
    contest over the years. All of these skaters show up Ready to compete.
    Showing up for a competition like this unprepared would be disrespectful to
    those supporting him and the fans that come out to be entertained. Practice
    and Learning fall into the same category. There isn’t a huge difference.
    You’re attempting to make it something it isn’t.

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  10. As long as there’s buttons involved in what he’s wearing, he’s probably
    feeling pretty good.

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  11. Caralho, sinistro ss f/s flip do Luan.

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  12. keep tryin man. it took me a while, but there are no shortcuts practice and
    youl be doing kickflips and ollieing up shit in no time.

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  13. In conclusion, Shane does a switch 360 double flip down a stair set

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  14. No Mollie hardflip bigspin out and what about nyjahs 360 flip 5-0. Congrats
    you missed two of the best tricks!

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  15. Who is the skater of minute 1:29?

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  16. Damn, Chaz Ortíz looks weird with hair

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  17. I wanted Luan to win so bad

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  18. x games brazil???? sp?

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  19. wait im confused did street league and x games come together into one big

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  20. you don’t know much about skating. All those tricks he does in EVERY

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  21. Luan’s style shoulda won the whole thing

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