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Simon O’Brien (born 18 September 1979) is an Australian flatland BMX rider. He is one of Australia’s best flatlander’s at the moment[citation needed] and has…



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10 minutes with Simon O’Brien

You recall that we recently linked to an edit and piece that Simon O’Brien did with Brian Tunney over on joining the Australian Navy and taking a bit of a break.

Simon is mid way through his time in bootcamp at the moment and we sat down and caught up with him about the edit and how things are going with the Navy. Read on…

BMX Flatland

Nose wheelieing into a combo

1. We’ve all seen the latest web edit you did for ESPN with Stu Munro having putting it together. How did that edit come around? Originally the title was “Farewell to Flatland” – what was the deal with that as well?
The reason was because I am making a career change to the Navy and so I chose to put this edit out at this time. I had been riding a lot around this period and thought that it would be a good idea to do it with Stewart before I had some downtime with riding whilst I changed careers. The edit was more for the fun of it really.

Tunney put the title to it, I guess more for publicity but I understand that it has since been changed. I’m definitely not done with BMX or flatland yet though!! Too much fun and it is the passion of my life.

BMX Flatland

Simon O’Brien karl kruiser into a combo

2. So where do you stand with Flatland now? Does it still give you the same buzz, the same feeling?
Flatland is still the number 1 passion in my life. At the moment being at boot camp it really helped being away from everything to help you realise what you really miss in life when you’re removed from day-to-day life and what you’re used to.
I still get the same buzz absolutely. Whenever I think about the old days, when I film any clip or when I have a good sessions – I just get that warm feeling that tells me this is it, this is my identity and what I like to be known for.

BMX Flatland

Foot-on-bar cliffhanger spins at the end of a super tech combo

3. You’re well into your boot camp training now with the Navy, how has that been? Is it what you expected?
At the moment I’m pretty much half way through now and I can honestly say that I am way out of my comfort zone. This is very removed from my normal life and I’m with people now that are very different to me in many ways. This is one of those situations where people on different life paths cross mine and back in the regular world it likely wouldn’t happen. So it has been an interesting and challenging experience in that respect.
Some things I expected to be harder than other things and vice-versa. I guess it’s one of those experiences that can be difficult to plan or prepare for until you actually go and put yourself into the situation and then go through it.

BMX Flatland

Setting up for a spinning half-hiker

4. Tell us about a “normal” day for you at the moment
A normal day at the moment is get up at 4.30am to do a fitness routine. Breakfast is usually around 6am and then we’ll continue on to classes and tests up until around lunchtime. The classes are teaching Navy based skills such as weapon handling and survival skills. I’m finding them challenging and interesting for sure!!
A lot of what we do is about team work and bringing everyone together.

BMX Flatland

Spinning half-hiker

5. So you’re a long way from home at the moment, how are you finding that?
It’s not too bad. I’ve travelled a lot in the past so I’ve adapted really well. I have a bed, 3 good meals a day so I can’t complain. The biggest thing is probably working with people that are different in personality to me and getting yelled at!

BMX Flatland

X-foot McCircle into a combo

6. Any ideas when we can expect to see you at events again?
If it all works out with the Navy, then in a year I would have done my training and be back into the workforce. If I can get time off to go to events, then i’m definitely still keen to travel!

Thanks for your time Simon – see you soon!

BMX Flatland

The man himself.


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