Jaie Toohey – Worlds First BMX Backflip Triple Nitro Circus

Australian Capital City tour coming 2012: May 11th – Brisbane Entertainment Centre May 18th – Acer Arena, Sydney May 25th – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne June 1…


Age: 20
Hometown: Lake Munmorah, NSW, Australia
Live Now: Huntington Beach, CA
Riding Buddies: Andy Buckworth / Kyle Baldock / Ryan Guettler 
Favourite Line From A Movie: its not how you race your car it’s how you drive your car winning is winning.
Nitro Member You’d Least Want To Room With Matt Wyatt because we are to much trouble together
Best Looking Nitro Member: Bilko goes alright I guess
Craziest Person On Tour:Definitely sincs and TP himself
Dream Date:Katy Perry
Annoying Habit:Eating McDonald’s 3 times a day.
If You Were A Superhero, What Would You Be Called?:Superman Toohey
Favourite Memory Of Last Tour:Sincs and TP double-flipping side by side in Vegas
Worst Memory From Last Tour:Mini & Sincs crashing the same night in Canberra
Sponsors:Unit, Mirraco Bikes, Nitro Circus Live, AA Cycles
Career Highlights:– 1st Place DK King Of Dirt 2007 & 2008, 1st Place Red Bull Dirt Pipe 2010, 1st Place Cam White’s Hillside Dirt Jam Best Trick 2012, 1st Place Lords Of Dirt 2011, 4th Place Salt lake city Dew Tour Dirt Finals
World FirstsWorld First Triple Tail Whip Backflip




Nitro Circus is an “action sport collective” led by Travis Pastrana, featuring his friends and him traveling around the world riding dirtbikes, base jumping, and performing stunts. It has spawned a tour, a second television series based on the tour, and a 3D feature film.

The collective began by releasing about 10 DVDs during the early 2000s. Good sales led to the creation of the television show.


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  1. Id like to see you try better. Also Jade might find it very offensife to
    him and start not beleving hi?self. PLEAE DO NOT SAY THINGS LIKE THAT! I
    thought it was amazing

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  2. lets see any of you weak cunts try it his a bullshit rider so stfu

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  3. it looks like he could have done a quad if he tried

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  4. this record was broken 3 years ago by anthony napolitan

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  5. @Saari36 ay bitch biking is gay metal is for faggots wow pussy rubber
    humping dick gripper…. see thats me criticizing…i was observing before.

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  6. @AngelmanChocolate100 yeh pat casey does nose dive 360 triple whips and
    they look just like this vid^

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  7. there comming to holland, and i am going there 😀

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  8. holy fuck, still waiting for the triple flip tho o.o

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  9. Anthony Napolitan did it ages ago. Still insanely sick though.

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  10. Kyle baldocks done it..

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  11. thumbs up if you think this is equally badass to that dude who did the
    tripe backflip today..

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  12. anthony napolitan did one on a resi box a while back

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  13. this actually isnt the first triple backflip tailwhip anthony nappolitian
    landed one before this

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  14. Sick, but not a world first.

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  15. @bookhimdown lol I had forgot about that comment

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  16. @ALMOSTLAKAI34 you can criticize him once you’ve gone completely upside
    down while doing three tailwhips at once…and your name obviously shows
    you’re a skater, so just don’t criticize biking at all. especially when
    it’s one of the best tricks ever done.

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  17. 0:22 you fell over! you fell over!

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  18. Anthony napolitan did one like 2 years ago..

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  19. a dumbass missunderstood and press dislike

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  20. this is more impressive then the double frontflip no hander .

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  21. He has time for one more! 🙂

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  22. thats crazy. they make it look so easy

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  23. He makes that look so easy.. time for 4

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