Welcome to “La Crèmerie” PRO TEAM BMX — Matthias Dandois

Matthias Dandois Bmx Welcome to “La Crèmerie” PRO TEAM !! For More BMX Subscribe here : http://www.youtube.com/XtremeBMXride La Cremerie is proud to have the…


Holy… Crap… This is a MUST SEE regardless if you ride flatland or not. Matthias Dandois absolutely KILLS it in this new welcome edit for his new sponsor (again), La Cremerie BMX Shop! Wow.

La Cremerie is proud to have Matthias Dandois as a new team member for 2014!
The shop was Matthias first sponsor when he started his professional career, and we remained great friends with him until today. It’s so amazing to have him back on the pro team!
This video was filmed by his best friends all over the world (Japan, France, USA) as an official welcome to the team edit! We hope you like it!
We will have a lot of project going on with Matthias this year! We will let you know soon!
Follow Matthias on Twitter and Instagram: @Matthiasdandois

Artist: Buke And Gass
Track: Your Face Left Before You

Filmed by Alex Jumelin, Terry Adams, Sevisual
Edited by Matthias Dandois

49 Rue Albert Thomas
75010 Paris



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  1. Check the welcome edit of Matthias Dandois for La Cremerie BMX shop !! MUST

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  2. Is there any difference between the bike he has for flatland tricks??

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  3. this video makes me want to get back into bmx. anyone have any good
    suggestions for bikes? i used to have an old huffy, it was a hand me down,
    best bike i ever owned. im about 6’3, so itll need to be a bike thats 20.5+
    so if you have any suggestions let me know!

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    THIS SONG is a BOOOMB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wooow!I want buy or download this song!?

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  5. i’m very good?

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  6. best freestyle of the world! XD?

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  7. ON Y VA ROULE!!!!?

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  8. Putain gg les mec?

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  9. All videos are perfect with Matthias! ?

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  10. Love it Matthias. You have real talent.?

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  11. fucking french France guy?

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  12. I live by that skate park I was there when he did this ?

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  13. Don’t you get nauseous at some point ?

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  14. Amazing! like watching real magic?

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  15. What is the song name??

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  16. Anyone know the song name??

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  17. mathias anda pra crl?

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  18. song name PLEASE!?

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  19. the best rider ever !!!?

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