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Jason Enns Best Of.
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I have known Jason for a long time now but it wasn’t until I moved to California in 2007 that I got to meet up with him and begin shooting with him. We have become friends over the years and any time I suggest meeting up to working on a project like this or just shoot photos in general he is always down for the cause, which is amazing. He is one of the most well respected riders in the game right now and seems to have a way about him that people are stoked on. His riding has progressed so much over the years and he has really found himself as a rider. He doesn’t follow trends, he doesn’t worry about who’s doing what, he just simply does what he does best and that is kill it on a bike. He puts in some serious effort into searching out new spots to stay fresh and original, he always reps the companies that support him and he always seems to be genuinely stoked to be riding. He’s the type of person that doesn’t take what he has for granted and understands that it could all end tomorrow. I had the chance recently to hang with Jason and as always, it was nothing but good times. You know what to do by now… grab a drink, sit back and read on.


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  1. ina ridebmx interview u said u cant 360?? but i just saw u do 2??

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  2. all filmed in and around vancouver bc

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  3. Any1 no wut bike he is usin at 24 secs??

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  4. What is the name of the song? I know, it was used in some video. Few years
    ago 🙂

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