How to Do a BMX X-Up Trick : How to Approach a BMX X-Up Trick

Learn the correct approach and beginning to do a BMX X-up trick in this free BMX video lesson from our expert. Expert: Nick Gralike Bio: Nick Gralike has bee…
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1.  Head to the jump at a moderate speed.

2.  Hit the jump regularly, but right when going off the jump either lean back a little on the seat, or stand up just a little and lean back.

3.  After doing either 1 of those steps twist the bars 180 degrees, so your bars are fully turned around and your arms make an X.

4.  After forming the X start to turn the bars back again the same way so they get back to their original setting as when you were taking off.

5.  Then sit back down, or slide back down on the seat and ride away.

Note:  When sliding back on the seat you tend to nose dive very very little.

This trick as you may know can be linked into different things.  X-Up 1-handers (not really an X) and people do them all the time into numerous other tricks.  Another cool way to bring the X back is if turning the bars to the left, your left hand should be on the right side and underneath the right arm.. So then when going to bring it back move the left hand up and put it above the right arm and grab the grip again.  But this time when spinning them back spin towards the left and your arms should already be un-xed so you can land regular.

Submitted By:  Danny

Rider Submitted Description #2

Pedal up towards the jump at your normal jumping speed Next as you level out in the air begin to turn your bars in which ever way you feel more fluid and comfortable.

Make sure not to shift your weight to one side while doing this or the back end may kick out.

Remember start out small with increases in turning each time to allow you to get comfortable and confident with the trick

Now hold it for a bit and bring the bars back around to normal riding position.

Land and ride away with a smile and bow to camera because you just learned the xup

Rider Submitted Description #3

Go up to a ramp that is going to give you some hang time like a box jump or a double. You want to set up for it before you hit the ramp by leaning over the bars and pull up hard on the ramp so you can get some hang time.

When you come off the lip pull up and push forward like on a bunnyhop but put your legs straight and put your knees by the seat so you don’t hit your knees on your handlebars or you can grab your seat with your knees.

Lean over the bars so it is easier to turn them and crank your arms around turning it either way (it does not matter) and remember to turn it back before you hit the ground.

The X-up is a pretty easy trick you can do a 270 X-up (turning it 3 quarters of the way around) a 360 X-up a 1 footed X-up and it also links you in to harder tricks such as barspins.

Rider Submitted Description #4

X-ups are one the the very most basic tricks to do. Once you learn them real good you can start doing them down stairs bunnyhops, and they look real nice in combo tricks. Doing x-ups the first time is pretty hard. I learned them over a small double first. Practice doing turn bars (just turning your bars partway) and get them as close to half as possible. You don’t want too wide of bars either or you will bump your knees and even if you don’t have short bars you still will now-and-then.

When you have turn bars completely wired just try to go full x-up. The reasoning behind that is the first lot-o-times you do them they feel robotic. Mine felt like I was getting the turn-bar and then all of the sudden they spun real quick x-uped and then back to the turn bar and I straightened them out. Once I tried to x-up a gap and only got the bars half way back. My tire hit and kicked my rear end a little in the air. I don’t know how but I rode away and didn’t fall. You are not always that fortunate. if you ever land in a turn bar just let go of the bike and let it bounce around in front of you.

One footed x ups. one footed x-ups are easier to learn then normal x-ups I think. When doing normal x-ups your first times you go all crooked and stuff because you are worried about hitting your knees. Well I tried taking off my foot to do an x-up. it worked and I could just land one footed until I got down the technique. It was actually quite easy that way. and one footed x-ups look sweet if you throw your back foot to the rear and just twist a hugest x-up.

No-footed x-ups. Only do this trick if you can do no-footers and x-ups really really good. The two tricks I always do before a no-footed x-up are a no-footer, and the next time I hit the jump I do a no-footed turn bar. Then all at once you just have to take off your feet and twist the bars very very fast. The problem is when the bike is off balance and the bars make the frame turn. Bad situation. In that case hope you are wearing pads just let go because fixing a tweaked bar is much easier then fixing a tweaked knee. that’s all. Learn x-ups now! They are fun. Then learn them the other way. The combo. Then flip. Then spin. Its all about the combos these days.


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