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Lajos Sinko

Flatland Contest July 18, 2015

Idén is szokásunkhoz h?en, megrendezésre fog ker?lni a Holiday Flatland Cup 6.fordulója. A sportrendezvényt a Jókép? Sportnappal egybekötve lesz megrendezve!!! A helyszín a Kecskeméti Szabadid? Központban lesz 2015. Július 18.-án. Várunk mindenkit szeretettel!!!!


This year, Kecskemét Flatland Crew is preparing a huge surprise for the national flatland community. The well-established and highly anticipated Holiday Cup is under transformation. Our goal is not a secret – to make Flatland BMX even more popular. We want more people to get to know the sport and therefore encouraging young people to try and start this amazing exercise.
The court of the Kertészeti College was a perfect setting for conducting flatland competitions, but fell outside of the periphery of the public. This year, we have re-imagined the event; working together with Kecskemét Jókép? Club we are organizing the competition within the frameworks of a magnificent sports day.The location is going to be the popular Domb Beach, and the date is July 18.
Here you’ll find all you need: BMX, beach, bikini babes, a great festival!
JK! Sports Day info:
Categories: Amateur and Professional.
Ticket: 800HUF(2.5euro)
Entry: 1,000 HUF(3euro)
Starting Time: 1 pm
Court: 10mx15m OSB!
Pro category:
I. 50.000 HUF (170 EUR) + presents
II. 30.000 HUF (100 EUR) + presents
III.20.000 HUF (70 EUR) + presents
Amateur Category:
I. 15.000 HUF (50 EUR) voucher + parts
II. 10.000 HUF (35 EUR) voucher + parts
III. 5.000 HUF (20 EUR) voucher+ parts
Thx!!! Hope see you here!!

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