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Age: 20
Hometown: Ocean Grove, VIC, Australia
Live Now: Ocean Grove, VIC, Australia
Nickname: Matty
Riding Buddies: Andrew (mini) Ahumada, Jaie Toohey, Andy Buckworth, Ben Phillips, Todd myen.
Favourite Line From A Movie: Thats my golden jacket!
Nitro Member You’d Least Want To Room With Buckworth because i wouldnt want to keep him up all night partying haha
Best Looking Nitro Member: dov you got my vote buddy!
Craziest Person On Tour:Dusty beacause he will get on anything an go for it
Dream Date: Mila Kunis
Most Annoying Habit:Touching wood before im going for a new trick
If You Were A Superhero, What Would You Be Called?:Mattman (lame haha)
Favourite Memory Of Last Tour:Becoming a wizard haha and sky diving best experience ever!
Worst Memory From Last Tour:Seeing Levi crash at Vegas
Sponsors:DC shoes,Failure bike co,Elite cycle imports,Dragon eyewear,Moscova,Eastbrunswick tattoo shop


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  1. fucking huge shit< skillz

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  2. dann australians were just born to ride

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  3. Slam Factory Tuggerah N.S.W

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  4. Jaie goes so damn high!!! You guys are so dialed! sick video man!!

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  5. fucking love these guys 😛 keep up the riding boys. probs see ya at epping
    one day. i hope (Y)

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  6. ocean avenue by yellowcard how embarrassing i know that haha sick video!
    fucking dialled riding.

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  7. far out thats some seriously awesome riding foalks

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  8. @StrawberryMcmuffin No, really, I talk ot him on msn alot lol

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  9. heck yeah, thats bloody grrrrrreat 🙂 u two are a amazing riders

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  10. This Is Of Its Head Massive FrontFlip Tuck Inzane

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  11. toohey rides left foot forward but right foot forward when he whips. but
    these 2 guys are really good its insane

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  12. i ride a forgotten victim i repainted my bike too haha , send me a pic of
    ur bike, pm me or sumthing

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  13. fuck what is this sonbg called?

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  14. see how dip jaie gets his 3s

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  15. Double whip to five tap. Crazy…..

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  16. who is better matt or jaie

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  17. i can ride a bike cause im fukin jaie toohey

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  18. I got aye forgotten victim there pretty mad exept for the rims buckle way
    to easy nice vid 😛

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  19. jaie toohey, bring home those dew-tour cheques and cup!

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  20. matt is a good friend of mine

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  21. i rekon matt is better then jaie by a tiny bit

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  22. lol this jellious cunt here haha motomaddness hahahaha

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