Flatland 2015: Jean William aka DUB from Canada

Jean William Prevost certainly has a strong riding technique that pushes flatland to a new level. Just kinda wish the skinny tight jeans fad would end already.

Keep on Riding Jean! Must check this video out and replay the last 30 seconds over a few times, that trick is impossible!

You can see more sick riding in this video:

Real City Spin promotional video with appearances by Simon Marsan @warsan_fitness, JF Boulianne @j_fbmx, Jason Plourde @jasonplourdeflat, Kevin Gallien, Steve Bergeron, Stephan Clark, Mitchell Arnold, Jean William Prévost @jwilliamp, Jesse Murrin, Liam Mulroney @514BMX and Mike Lubensky.

Real City Spin is a BMX Flatland contest, also known as ”Freestyle”, taking place in Montreal, August 30-31 at TAZ Skatepark 8931 Ave. Papineau. This competition is part of the AMerican Flatland Circuit, the final stop (Round 4) will be held in Denver Colorado (BAttle in the Rockies) in November. Check out amflatlandcircuit.com also for more info on Real City Spinrealcityspin.com

Jean William Prevost

Jean William Prevost

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