BMX Flatland Video – Daniel Fuhrmann

Fuhres video part from the legendary German BMX Flatland Video “Against all Gravity” by 50/50 Productions (2004).
Video Rating: 5 / 5


Name: Daniel Fuhrmann 
Age: 25 
Hometown: Stuttgart, Germany
Hook-ups/Sponsors: KHEbikes , Chico-Clothing 

-Spot to ride: At the moment behind Karawan Mega-Super-Shopping-Store in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine), usally Stuttgart (Germany) in summer at “Haus der Geschichte” in winter at kunstform headquarter 
-BMX video: S&M I wanna live and of course KHE Flat School video 

-Movie: Back to the Future 
-Web video:
 This one on YouTube
-Food: Ukraine Borschtsch 

-Travel destination: Really I want to ride my bike on Mars! 
-Riders to ride with: Flo Sailer, Johnny Krämer, Roman Rommel, Sebastian Pospischil 
-Car: TG´s Chrysler 
-Colour: At the moment black 
-Video game: Giana Sister 

-Shoes: Yes I ride nike 6.0 
-Bike company: KHEbikes 

-BMX contest: Battle in da Club, Worlds (BMX Masters) at Cologne

-Bike shop: 

-Restaurant chain: I love the food of Ukraine! 
-Clothing company: Chico-Clothing 
-Phone: Some Pink Nokia 
-Music: Elektro Rock 

-Ramp riders: Daniel Dhers, Mark Webb, Tobias Schumacher 
-Street riders: Bruce Crisman, Tobias Tilgner, Roman Rommel 
-Dirt rider: James Foster 
-Flatland rider: Adam Kun, Sebastian Pospischil, Martti Kuoppa, Viki Gomez 
-Old school rider: TG, Dirk Rosenthal 

-Drink: Gin-Tonic 
-Trick: Martti Kuoppa Hang-Ten 360 Kick-Barflip- to Halfpack (I think this trick will never happen again in this world ) 

-BMX Magazine: FreedomBMX, Zwanzig 
-BMX MC: Andy Zeiss, Catfish, Scott O’Brien 

-BMX photographer: Andy Schwarzkopp, Kay Clauberg 
-Girl: Ukraine handstandartist 
-Sport besides BMX: Table Tennis 
-Party: Definitely the parties in Moscow at the adrenalin Games! 


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