Coco Zurita BMX Worlds

From Santiago, Chile, Coco with his unique style, he made the move to the States back in 2003 and from zero worked his way up to quickly become one of the top 5 best vert riders in the world, being the first rider in the world that landed a triple tail-whip, competing in more than 8 X-Games with a 2nd place at the BMX World champion 2009 & and wining the the Rider of the Year award on 2010 at the Dew Tour, coming a long way from south america to place himself in sunny California, up at the world biggest training camp, Woodward Camp West. Where Coco Came to find Mega Ramp, a new discipline thats been added to his carer, being a big car enthusiast and spending his time off at the race track, Coco is well known for going fast and high as the sky El Coco Zurita en las practicas antes de su primer lugar! Francisco “Coco” Zurita dejando bien parado a Chile en el mundial BMX Wo…
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