Pro Dirt Final 2013 BMX Worlds

Top three riders of the Pro Dirt Final at the BMX Worlds 2013 at legendary Jugendpark / Cologne / Germany. 1 Nicholi Rogatkin [USA] 2 Nick Bruce [USA] 3 Vikt…
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Viktors Kronbergs is 21 years old BMX rider from Ventspils, Latvia. He has been riding since 2004 and just 5 years later he took 3rd place in such a big and prestigious contest as Simpel Summer Session in Tallinn. But as he says, he prefers dirt to park so when you see someone boosting jumps incredibly high in red pants, its probably Kronbergs.
Dirt is also connected whith spectacular tricks like backflips double whips, frontflips or 360 double whips. That’s his playground. If he is not riding, Victors likes to spend time in a garage, tuning his car or at the club partying with friends. For chilling out he likes fishing alone or shred fresh powder on skis.



Nick came out swinging on his very first run, landing a triplewhip on the first jump and ending his run with a 360 doublewhip on the third and final set. 

The run gave Nick the lead ahead of Sebastian Smith, who had thrown some gnarly tricks of his own just moments before on theTJ Lavin-designed course. Seb’s run consisted of a doublewhip, barspin and frontflip and would hold up for 2nd place over the duration of the contest. 

One of the only riders opting to ride the left line of the course,Dylan Sheinberg stepped things up on Run 2, going with a superman seatgrab on the first jump and following it up with a downside tailwhip and a backflip barspin. The run landed him in 3rd and would hold up for a podium spot. 


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  1. All jumps should’ve like this DIRT?

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  2. amazing bikers!!, incredible bmx tricks!!

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  4. top classs rien a redire la releve est la est bien la fred flateux


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