Here’s Shane Weston’s newest video where he shows you what his new Fly Isla set up is capable of. SUBSCRIBE: “Shane’s one in …
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This is the first Fly Bikes ad featuring their newest rider Shane Weston which is featured in the newest issue of Ride BMX. I am not 100% sure if the second barpsin is in the opposite rotation, but even if it’s not, that’s a serious line.


Shane Weston is part of the newly emerging Nashville, Tenn. scene, but he’s bringing something slightly different to the table: his originality. Shane does a lot of unique tricks in a lot of unique places. He’s also extremely well rounded, from box jump antics to tech borderline-flatland moves. And if all that wasn’t enough, unlike most other riders out there that seep originality, Shane isn’t enshrouded in mystery. He’s eager to produce, easy to get along with, and just getting started. Recently, we caught up with Shane to learn more about the person behind the unique riding, and Shane delivered. Check the interview below, and be sure to check out the exclusive photo gallery courtesy of Andrew White.

Age: 22

Hometown: Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Sponsors: Hoffman Bikes

Years Riding: 9

Favorite Movie: Afro Samurai

Favorite Video Part: Sean ‘Fish’ Hoskins Bio in Standpoint

Riding Crew: Nathan Williams, Tyler Frederick, Seth Kimbrough, Corey Martinez, Andrew White, Chris Mahaffey, Alex Magallan, Michael Presely, Tyler Rickman, and Brandon Mcgregor.

Riding Spots: Nashville’s Court House in downtown. Stair sets in every size you could imagine!

Why do you ride BMX?

Hmm, I guess love. I have never thought about it. Just something that has been embedded in my head for nine years now.

Your favorite BMX trick is?

Barspins. They’re kind of my safety trick. If they don’t feel good, I’m probably not having a good session.

Is Nashville turning into the new Austin?

Nope, but it would be sweet if it did. Everyone move here!

The last person you text messaged was?

Seth Kimbrough

What did you say?

“Yo, what you doing?”  What’s one thing you regret? I stopped going to the gym.

List one word to describe yourself: Pisces!

Your best friend is: Stephen Weston.

Something you wish you had more of: GBs on my iPod.


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  1. i haven’t seen a bicyclist doing things this inventive since Lance

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  2. check out this amazing new video of Shane Weston!?

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  3. That quick manual to 180 downwhip is crazy.?

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  4. What air pressure should I put in my tires if weigh 190??

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  5. anyone know the song???

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  6. Perfect song for perfect style?

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  7. Go to my page and watch my vids?

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  8. Those last 2 tricks…?

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  9. What is that no foot no hands trick?

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  10. Owwwww


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  11. Proud To be Pinoy :)) ?

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  12. Music: Goldyard-French?

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  13. Where i can download this song in instrumantal??

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  14. I dont really watch BMX I actually dont watch it at all but this ones sick
    and edited dope as fuck mad props?

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  15. WTF ? Minute 2:04 O.o?

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  16. why do i feel like this guy never films? i mean i know some of the filming
    of guys like stevie churchill’s a little prolific, but i can only recall
    seeing a couple edits out of him since his part in the barca video.?

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  17. That angry screech tho?

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  18. that was fuckin beautiful fav edit for 2014 so far………. for me so much
    props shane..?

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  19. such a beautiful edit and dope riding as well this is motivation to go out
    and ride?

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