Best Freestyle Trick ever – BMX

BMX Freestyle Tricks Flatland – with their professional BMX Show at the Tuning World Bodensee. Flatland is a freestyle BMX riding style. I…


Ever wish you could just ride your bike all day with your friends and never get bored, never have to come home to mow the lawn or do your chores?  Welcome to your summer paradise.

Spend your mornings working with our coaches on new tricks and lines.  Then spend the afternoons swimming, chilling, or sessioning your favorite areas with guest pros, freestyle staff and new friends.  After dinner it’s back to riding or you can play any one of our evening activities, including big air contests, best trick, camp fire and the campers favorite… dodgeball tournaments.

Instructors come from all areas of the freestyle world, some focusing on park and some focusing on trails.


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  1. They don’t have nothing on Tim knoll from Milwaukee Wisconsin

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  2. ??????????????????? ? ?????????????????? BMX ????????????????????????

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  3. @2:50 that is a fucking ridiculous trick.

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  4. All them put together still ain’t better than Tim Knoll…. All th y do is
    spin around. Lol this blows

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  5. Flatland is gay and flatland bmx’s are ugly

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  6. That was good free styles

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  7. Tim knoll all day

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  8. I think they spent days and month on their bikes to do such things… But
    they have fun 🙂

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  9. read the description….

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  10. Hmmm.. we have more material of some professional BMX dirt jumps
    (backflips,…)…. So let´s publish it in a few days! subscribe to be the
    first to see it!

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  11. is it hardworking or is it gift? i don;t know

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  12. years of practise maybe…

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  13. MX Tricks Freestyle Flatland – mit ihrer professionellen BMX
    Show auf der Tuning World Bodensee. Flatland ist eine freestyle BMX
    Disziplin. Es wird auf einer eben Fläche ohne Rampen, Sprünge usw.
    Die anderen 4 der 5 BMX freestyle Arten sind: Vert (mit Halfpipes), BMX
    Street, BMX Dirtjump/Trails (Erdhügel/Sprünge), BMX Park.
    Im Video sind auch einige Slow Motion Teile mit 215 Bilder/Sekunde in Full
    HD – ideal um einige der BMX Tricks im Detail zu sehen.
    Einer der Jungs im Video (blaues Shirt) war mit seinen BMX Tricks auch auf
    den X Games BMX Shows in den USA zu sehen – alle Jungs im Video sind Profis
    und unter den BMX Elite Fahrern.

    Schaut euch das neue Video von Tim Knoll an “Original Bike Tricks from Tim
    His awesome clip you´ll find here: Original Bike Tricks from Tim Knoll
    oder schaut euch unser anderes BMX Tricks Video mit nicht professionellen
    BMXern an:

    X Games München! Die X Games kommen zum ersten mal nach Deutschland! vom 27.-30. Juni 2013 – “Never Rest. Ever
    Ride. Always Fight.”

    Video&Music made by:

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