Best tricks by Pat Casey – flair double whip – at FISE 2012

Best tricks by Pat Casey – flair double whip – at FISE2012.


Pat Casey

Marital Status: Single Resides In: Placentia, CA
Participant since: 2003 Age: 19
Competitor since: 2009 Height: 5’8″
Nickname(s): Weight: 150 lbs
Country: USA

Casey fills his runs with some of the hardest tricks in the game and an eye-catching style anchored in his off-axis 360 spins. He’s often battling for top three at events, but he’ll have to put in some work to adapt to the unique course at X Games. He’s versatile enough — and certainly hungry enough — to make big things happen, however, and he could easily shake things up in the top five in Los Angeles. He seems to have a surprise or two on deck at all times — he’s landed two first-ever tricks in the last year, and is definitely on the rise.

Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. dumbass its? 3 whips

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  2. Sorry but thats a dip 540 double? whip

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  3. what? it’s not the world’s first, i’ve seen micheal beran and logan martin do it before this happened. still, it’s fucking sick, but not the first…it’s more of a nosedive 540 double tailwhip than a flair anyway, before someone says shit, just pay close attention to the direction he comes out of the spin into the landing,? it’s from the side, not from the top. still i agree with calling it a flair double whip anyway, it looks cool.

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  4. I can remember when both the tailwhip air and? the flair were just ideas..

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  5. Might just be cause im high, but i swearr? he spun 3 whips?!

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  6. Oh my? fucking god

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  7. madd have bmx teams aswell bro?

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  8. There was a bmx rider wearing a MPG shirt…He is deffinately not a? hater

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