About BMX bikes

About BMX bikes

Article by Allaric Saltzman

Cycling is one of the most exciting outdoor activities. It is enjoyed by both children and adults alike. When you hear of cycling, the first thing that comes to your mind is BMX. BMX bikes are the most popular bikes today. BMX stands for bicycle motocross. They are commonly used by professionals to perform stunts, tricks, aerial exhibitions, etc.

They come in different shapes and sizes for both kids and adults. Although majority of the bikes are designed to suit the style of boys, there are some models for the girls as well. Some of the popular brands that manufacture BMX bikes are Haro, Diamondback, Redline, GT, MBK, Hoffman bikes, etc. Every brand has several models which are of different styles and functions. Among the different types of them, the diamondback BMX bike is one of the most popular. They are usually designed and used for mountain climbing and are reliable and sturdy. Diamondback BMX bikes are of different types designed according to the purpose and setting of its use.

They were initially built with the aim to make a bike with maximum resistance. Since they originated from racing bikes, they were built for speed and were heavy and sturdy. However, as racing gained popularity, the weight of the bikes became a problem. The first three pound frame was created by R&R Racing and it was not only resistant but also lighter. Slowly, bike manufacturers started using lighter materials like aluminum for frames and rims. BMX bikes come in different sizes. There are the 12 inch bikes meant for ages 3-6. Then there are the 14 and 16 inch bikes designed for ages 7-14. And finally, the 18 and 20 inc bikes which are meant for teens and above.

They are available in three styles: Classic BMX, Freestyle BMX and Jump BMX. The Jump BMX is good for aerial tricks and stunts which are performed on a ramp. The Freestyle BMX on the other hand is designed for performing ground tricks. However, if you are looking for just a reliable and solid bike, the Classic BMX is just the one for you.

BMX bike frames are made of either steel or aluminum. The frame made of steel is sturdier, heavier and less expensive while the one made of aluminum is lighter but more expensive.

If you are looking to purchase a BMX bike, make sure that you buy it at a proper certified bike store as you can be tricked into buying a fake one in other stores. There are a lot of websites which will help you learn more about BMX bikes and also help you in choosing the right one for yourself.

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