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A few months ago I was lucky enough to scoop up the Canon 5D Mark II. My original intent for the camera was for studio photography because of the high pixel …


ESPN photo contributor Jeremy Pavia recently met up with Fit Bike Co. rider Raul Ruiz in Riverside, Calif., to snap some shots for us of his new whip. Ruiz just built up a new kit from a Fit Benny L. frame. Raul is one of those riders out there who keeps it real and does his own thing regardless of any trends or talk about what is “hot” at the moment. Raul likes to rep hard for the companies he’s down with and that is all there is to it. He abuses his bikes just as equally too and having a solid setup is essential for him. Here are a few questions and some photos of his freshest kit from Fit Bike Co.

ESPN: Anything crazy about your set up?
Ruiz: Nah, just simple 4 pegs and brakeless.
Are you super picky when it comes to riding certain parts, having your bars a certain width or anything like that?
Yeah, I am kind of… I’ll fix anything that got tweaked before I go out to ride.
What is the oldest part on your bike?
Ah, my back wheel.
How often do you set up a new kit?
Not too often I like having a bike I’m used too.


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