2015 Rolling Flatland by Dane Beardsley

Thank God there are riders like Dane Beardsley for reintroducing unique flatland riding style and not relying on the endless ballerina spinning that the Japan riders have taken way too far. I can certainly appreciate the complexity in many of the spinning tricks and the amount of trial and error it takes to master some of the ultra-jacked-up-time-machine cross footed no handed switch stance bars big to bike flip out…while in the middle of a super fast spin..but enough is enough.

Dane Beardsley

Dane Beardsley

Here is a rider Dane Beardsley that is really sticking to the Kevin Jones mantra of originality, and carries a riding style similar to Brian Tunney.

Their styles are similar in how technically skilled the switch moves are, and most importantly….they are rolling!

Welcome back rolling tricks…the world missed you!

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